Intense moisture and freshness treatment. For all thirsty skins.


Thirst quenching treatment for dehydrated skins. The Marine Moisturising Face Treatment is a real moisturising bath :

it repulps the skin,« fills » cells with water, erases discomfort and dehydration lines. Its benefits are felt immediately and persist after the treatment.

The skin becomes fresh and luminous. The skin is left soft, smooth and perfectly moisturised.




Mineralizing treatment. Radiance enhancer. Adapted to all skin types.


Source of minerals and oxygenation, the Marine Vitality Treatment is the first step towards a healthy skin. Like a swim in the Ocean, it recharges the skin in vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential for its proper functioning. It revitalizes the skin and brings radiance.


The skin breathes, it is soft and luminous.




Soothing and anti-redness treatment. For sensitive and reactive skins.

Stress, cold, heat.... Sensitive skins feel constantly uncomfortable. The Ocean Softness treatment is a soothing and comforting break  for sensitive skins. Thanks to the desensitizing properties of the Golden Seaweed, the skin becomes less reactive. It is also moisturised, softened and rested.

The skin recovers suppleness and comfort. Redness fades away :calm is returned !



ANTI-AGING TREATMENT with sensational seaweeds 60 min £70


Global anti-aging, stimulating and regenerating with Marine Forces. For mature skins.


The Anti-Aging Treatment with Sensational Seaweeds brings minerals and boosts tone. Fresh seaweeds give all their strength and richness in minerals and vitamins to the skin. It recovers energy, it is firmer, brighter and the face looks younger.

This regenerating treatment also provides a protective and nourishing action. It revitalizes the most tired skins.

Tensing effect. The skin becomes regenerated, smoother, firmer.



MATIFYING TREATMENT with marine clays  60min £65


Purifying, vitamins  treatment with Marine Clays. For combination to oily skins.


The Matifying treatment deeply cleanses and oxygenates complexion and matifies the skin thanks to the immediate power of Purifying Enzyme Peel Mask with Papain extracts and absorbent powers of Royal Acne Mask. This non-aggresive treatment is for combination to oily skins to recover health and radiance. It reduces the imperfections and matifies the T zone.


The skin is purified, it breathes health and radiance!




Anti-dark spots, clarifying and radiance with sea plants. For an even complexion.


This treatment visibly reduces pigmentation spots, clarifies and illuminates the complexion. The anti-pigmentation complex, included in all the products of the range, encourages the elimination of melanin residues in the upper layers of the epidermis and inhibits the overproduction of melanin.


Uniform complexion, radiance, less visible pigmentation spot



Relaxing, moisturising and lifting treatment for eye contour. Anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles and anti-wrinkles.


The eye contour is a very fragile area of the face. The skin is very thin and mobile (blinking, face expressions). It weakens rapidly. The Eye Contour treatment reinforces, rejuvenates, moisturises, decongests and firms the eye contour. It is carried out with softness and care.


Rejuvenates and smoothes eye contour for a fresh and dynamic look!





90MIN £75
30min £45

To reduce stress and back pain and rebalance the body’s vital energy.

The back is one of the greatest accumulators of stress. This stress affects the entire being as the spinal column is considered to be associated with all of the organs of the body. This treatment is a combination of cleansing and mineralizing Earth and Sea elements that detoxifies and relaxes the muscles, It absorbs fatigue and reduces inflammation and works to energize and re-establish equilibriumthroughout the body.



30 MIN £35

60 MIN £55

To all individuals, especially those with poor circulation and the feeling of tired, heavy legs.
Proper circulation in the feet and legs is a source of energy for the rest of the body. It is essential to take proper care of this area to maintain health and well being, posture and prevent fatigue, aches and pains. This treatment is a cleansing and anti-bacterial exfoliating treatment that improves the look and the feel of the legs.

Powerful draining ingredients, Guarana and Christe Marine, reduce water retention and improve blood circulation while strengthening the venous system.

The entire body feels light and revitalized providing energy and stimulation with an invigorated sense of well being.




45 mins £55 

90 MIN £75 

For those showing signs of congestion and grainy, dehydrated skin and unwanted pigmentation.
This essential exfoliation works to improve blood and lymph circulation, hydrates and decongests areas showing specific problems such as cellulite.

This peel will remove dead cells; hydrate a dry and dehydrated epidermis, improving the texture of the skin for a supple and silky finish. It contains a special ‘anti-pigmentation’ formula to brighten the skin and visibly lighten dark spots, creating a uniform appearance.



90 MIN £75

​For those looking to improve their metabolism and silhouette and facilitate inch loss in combination with a homecare routine and a healthy diet.

Ideal for those with limited mobility.
This slimming express treatment is an easy yet effective liquid wrap, that is highly concentrated in Seaweed and Marine Plants combined with the slimming benefits of Ivy.

These work in synergy towards firming, oxygenating and improving the microcirculation of the skin and body as well as softening the epidermis.



90 MIN £75

To relieve discomfort and restore mobility to those with weak articulations.
This wrap offers relief and mobility for inflamed joints and strained muscles. It decongests painful fluid in the joints by reducing inflammation, mobilizing the lymph flow and flushing away excess toxins. This treatment works with the powerful effects of the Marine Mud used for improving mobility in the joints while the body relaxes in the deep warming action of the Well Being Maceration.

The second part of this treatment works to mineralize and flush out the excess lactic acid in the muscle tissues, oxygenating and repairing the cells reducing pain and improving their elasticity, an all round improvement on the general metabolism of the entire body.



90 MIN £75

To relieve water retention.

This draining body treatment increases the circulation of heavy and slow lymphatic flow, It is particularly intended for those with persistent water retention. Perfect for pregnant or post natal women, the heat symptoms of menopause, and for those allergic to Iodine.
Relaxes and provides relief from the feelings of bloating, heaviness, lethargy and itching due to swelling skin.
This treatment will relax & amp; soothe the mind and nourish and soften the skin with of course the major benefit of draining uncomfortable
excess fluid build-up.


90MIN £75

To re-energize the body from feelings of stress, improve skin and muscle tone for those in exercise programs or in preparation of a physical activity to restore vitality and the feeling of well being.
This essential anti-stress exfoliation re-energizes the skin and body with its toning and firming effects. It revitalizes the metabolism, improving general circulation, removing dead cells which leave the body re-mineralized with supple, silky smooth skin and a radiant


90MIN £75

To improve visible signs of congested cellulite, drain, promote slimming and regenerate tissues. This treatment in conjunction with a homecare program encourages the body to perform its proper elimination functions. It’s a combination of slimming concentrates high in Iodine and draining plant extracts which increase the metabolism of fats.

Flushes out excess water retention and releases the toxins in the lymphatic system that promotes the formation of cellulite.

This treatment provides a visible improvement in the skin texture.


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